Fractional Staffing

By now you’ve seen the cycle. Your company has grown, you’re making money, but you haven’t hired a Chief Technology Officer, a Chief Information Security Officer, or any sort of Technology or Engineering management roles because well … they’re expensive. Do we really need one? Is there enough work to justify it? When do you hire that role? So instead you end up hiring a junior person or a firm to take care of basic needs.

Fast forward a couple years, now you need to grow your team. What do you do? Promote the junior person? They know it better than us non-technical people right? Maybe, some are very talented … or maybe you’ve just set yourself up for the same problem we see at nearly every company we work with. Expensive technology with poor results.

It’s not their fault. In-house  teams rarely gets the training or experience they need to grow with the business in younger companies. When requests start coming in for custom software or new integrations, they have to outsource it with varying results. We’ve all seen it time and time again.

Let us help. We have years of experience in enterprise environments, building software applications that have to scale. We can help you get on the right path for growth and long term success.

What kind of Staffing do you need?

Generally, the higher level management and C-Suite roles are most commonly used in a fractional model:

Why hire fractional?

In the early days of an organization, executives are typically focused on generating revenue and building their core business.  They typically can’t afford to make an expensive hire that doesn’t directly serve those goals.  This is where a fractional executive can be a huge asset to a company.

Bringing in a fractional CTO, CISO, or CFO allows you to plan for growth by setting the correct foundations.  It can allow you to avoid many of the common growing pains typical of transitioning between growth stages.  Not only that, but their experience and connections can drastically improve your ability to hire and fundraise.

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